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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Abbas is responsible for his powerlessness

It's amazing what a little prison raid will do to turn Kadima Achora into a right-wing party. In today's polls, Achora rose from 37 seats to 43 as a result of the Jericho prison raid. Maybe they should have waited until next Thursday to do it. /sarc. (All my joking about it aside, it would not surprise me in the slightest to find out that the monitors' departure from the prison was coordinated with Ehud Olmert).

But at least the week's events have brought some refreshing if undiplomatic honesty from Israel's foreign minister Tzippy Livni. This afternoon, Livni told HaAretz that Abu Mazen is responsible for his own powerlessness. Well, yes, that's true. But at this point, given that Hamas was just elected, I would classify that powerlessness as incurable. And don't expect Kadima Achora to do anything to resolve any of the issues that it raises.

Speaking at the foreign ministry offices in Jerusalem, Livni said "the responsibility for Abu Mazen's powerlessness lies with Abu Mazen, it is not always Israel's fault - it mainly depends on the man's actions and shortcomings," Livni said.

Livni emphasized that Israel's raid in Jericho was not coordinated with Britain and the United States.

Referring to the departure of British and American monitors from the prison minutes before the operation began, she said "in this case it is clear that it was not Israel that decided on the timing [of the departure]. Unlike in 1948, we did not ask the British leave," she said.

Livni explained that the decision to remove the monitors from the jail was prompted by two factors: "The [Palestinians] did not perform their obligations [to keep the murderers imprisoned], and Hamas came to power."

According to the foreign minister, the British and Americans reached the conclusion they could no longer vouch for the safely of their representatives.

"The message the Palestinians deliver to the international community is that foreign citizens staying in the territories are in danger every time a new crisis crops up," she said.


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