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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Stop the ISM

From Little Green Footballs comes news of a new web site called Stop the ISM. It's worth checking out.


The main purpose of this website is to call attention to the International Solidarity Movement, a.k.a.the Palestine Solidarity Movement, in the USA and its major players.

The ISM is a movement composed of American anarchists and communists, neo-nazis and Arab militants, social misfits and plain old anti-Semites all working in unison, or "solidarity" as they call it, to try and dismantle the Jewish democracy in the Middle East that is Israel.

They do this in a program modeled partly after the old ComIntern system of the Communist party USA and with help PLO and Sauid propaganda ministries. They masquerade as a "peace movement" and "peace activists" when they are in fact a revolutionary war movement opposed not only to Israel but the United Staes itself. Allied organizations such as International ANSWER and the International Socialist Organization that belong to the ISM advocate the violent overthrow of the US government.

The movement was started when Palestinian Arab communists and radicals educated in the West hit on an idea to mobilize other communists on how to work together to fight the USA and its "proxy" in their mind, Israel. For western communists this afforded money from wealthy Arab oil shieks and the PLO/ Revolutionary tactics and dogma from the past would now be combined with the worst Arab propaganda to produce an arm of the PLO's "revolution" to destroy Israel. America will come next.


And they also eat their own useful idiots. Rachel Corrie, who was killed by a tractor protecting a weapions smuggling tunnel that provided missiles and explosives that killed Israeli women and children is glamorinzed as a "peace activist" when she too was an avowed anarchist who called Palestinian Arab terrorists "martyrs." Her death was cynically used by the ISM for propaganda purpsoes as articles wihtin this site will reveal.

The ISM also uses it's "Jewish" quislings to create front groups to try and divorce Jewish-American support from Israel. It uses Arab propaganda word games to claim they are not anti-Semitic but just "anti-Zionist." Make no mistake about it: The ISM and even its "Jewish" members are anti-Semites as much as the Jewish Police that rounded up the Jews in Warsaw for the Nazis. Now they are seeking to "reinterpret" the Bible and persuade American Christians that its the Jews in the Middle East who are responsible for Christian persecution in the West Bank when it is infact the Muslim Arabs. In an Orwellian manner based on the propaganda techniques of communist groups in the past and using the propaganda techniques of Arab totalitarian socieites, the ISM's goal it dissimilitude to separate American support for a fellow democracy--the only democracy in the Middle East--Israel.

Read it all.


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