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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Police Brutality at 'Amona'

This post includes links to publicly available resources on the net regarding the police brutality that took place at 'Amona' last week. You will note that - at least as appears from the pictures that I have seen - the brutality was perpetrated by the police and not by the army. I think that it's important to make that distinction, if it is valid.

Last night, my wife received an SMS from one of her sisters that indicated that a number of children were rendered 'sterile' due to injuries sustained at 'Amona.' So far, I have not been able to confirm that from any other source. If anyone is able to confirm, please email me.

First off, for those of you who read Hebrew, there is a web site with pictures of the 'Amona' violence. There is a web site with the same pictures with captions in English. If you read neither language, go see the pictures anyway. The pictures speak for themselves. Hat Tip: Batya in Shilo. Warning - these pictures are quite brutal. Do not show them to young children.

Each of the two sites I linked above also has further links to first-hand accounts, videos, other pictures, and lots more of what took place at 'Amona' last Wednesday. For those of you who want to do something to help Israel, please try to keep this story in the public eye. Thus far, the government has refused to conduct any sort of real, impartial investigation of what happened last week, and the story is starting to fade from the public eye and has been ignored since the beginning by many of the generally pro-Israel bloggers who feat that their sites will be innundated with comments from leftists and flame wars.

Second, this morning I received the following first hand account from David Bedein's mailing list (I typically get things by email before they are posted on his site, but you can find his site here).

From: Abba
Date: Sun, 05 Feb 2006 07:12:08 +0300
Subject: Brutality

A personal note:

Last wednesday I was doing a shift in MADA (Magen Dovid Adom) in Jerusalem as an ambulance driver. The level of violence was not foreseen my Mada - I suspect it was withheld from them by the security authorities.

Within a half our of the violence starting police teams were ready at all the hospitals to record the names ot the injured police. Mada was put on emergency alert and standard mass casualty emergency procedures were put into action.

By 16.30 there were 215 wounded brought to five Jerusalem hospitals. 59 were police. I transferred the only so called badly injured policeman from Haddasah Har Hatzofim to Ein Karem. The facts:

He was walking, fully conscious, violent - he threatened injured settlers in the emergency room with physical violence. His injury was a bad cut under the eye and he was transferred because Ein Karem has plastic surgeons and he needed their services. All the other police injured that I saw had minor cuts and bruises. None had broken bones that I am aware of.

All the injured settlers I saw had broken bones, legs and arm injuries, and head wounds. A lot of blood. The atmosphere was that of a terrorist attack with the prevalent undercurrent that this time the attackers were Jews. The media of course made a kiddush out of the "badly" wounded policeman - and I witnessed first hand how the media presents the facts - lies, half truths, and disinformation. It was a very sad day for me and left me with many sleepless hours.



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