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Monday, February 06, 2006

Karadi orders report on Amona violence

In other words, the police are going to investigate themselves. Gee, I wonder what the 'investigation' will conclude....

Internal Security Minister Gidon Ezra informed settler leaders in a meeting Monday that Police Insp.-Gen. Moshe Karadi has ordered Head of Police Operations Cmdr. Beri Ohayon to conduct a thorough investigation into the violent events in Wednesday's evacuation of the Amona outpost.

Ohayon will present Karadi with his conclusions and recommendations within 10 days.

Ezra reiterated his stand that while there had been "unnecessary beatings here and there by the police," there was no need to call for a state investigation.

Ezra denied a request made by Yesha leaders to initiate a government-led commission of inquiry, saying it was not necessary and insisting the police investigate themselves.

Yesha spokeperson Emily Amrusy told the Jerusalem Post following the meeting that, "We told him that whoever is not willing to ask for the commission of inquiry will be responsible for the blood that will come the next time the demonstrators and the authorities meet.


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