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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Kadima's Israel

Elyakim Ha'Etzni hits the nail on the head with this piece on Ynet:


According to polls, Israel, too, is about to undergo a revolution – in the opposite direction.

Here, too, the masks will fall. Our real face will be revealed for all to see, as will our inner tendencies: Kadima means "forward," but the party is facing backwards, like the Crusaders coming down from the mountain towards the coast.

As opposed to Hamas, the Kadima Party has patented double vision (you can't see from there what we see from here). It has no ideology, and it is "pragmatic" – that is to say, it has no direction or principles.

It little more than an unholy mob of power-seekers, refugees from other (and often opposing) ideological incubators.

Hamas is an occupation party, and represents a return to values and tradition. Kadima is a party of withdrawals and disengagements – territorial and spiritual.

Power for the sake of power. Aggressiveness, cynicism, and corruption, in the very best tradition of party founder Ariel Sharon and sons.

Kadima's Israel is reflected in its speech, the mirror into the national soul. Once upon a time, people made "aliya" to Israel, and "yerida" from it (the phrases mean "going up" to Israel and "going down" from it).

Today, people just "move."

The "land of Israel" has become a dirty phrase associated with the settlers. Israelis have a "state."

As the sun set on them, the Crusaders traded Jerusalem for Acco. The new Israel prefers Tel Aviv. One well-known commentator said we don't want any more victories.

One might add we also have no enemy anymore. Revenge has been erased from our vocabulary, and 1,500 Oslo dead were killed in "incidents".

There is a pathological denial that we are at war, and that there is an enemy we can – and must – humiliate and defeat.

Whenever the fanatic realizes that what he can see "from here" is, in fact, exactly what he saw "from there," it strikes at the pragmatic, the passive, and the tired (Olmert: "We're tired of victories…).

When Hamas fighters are full of motivation and the IDF is busy pushing away anyone with a kippa on his head, the last ones who truly believe in the justice of their ways – the result is inevitable....

Read the whole thing.


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