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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Is Gilo at Risk Again?

Many of you may recall that during the Palestinian Terror War of 2000-2003, the neighborhood of Gilo on the southeastern outskirts of Jerusalem was frequently targeted by Palestinian snipers from Bethlehem and the surrounding area. Now, YNet is reporting that the IDF fears that Gilo may be targeted again.

The defense establishment is concerned that terror groups are planning to renew shooting attacks at residents of Jerusalem’s Gilo neighborhood.

“They have the experience and the intension and I have the Tanzim in mind,” a senior IDF official told Ynet.

The IDF is bracing for a wage of terror attacks after Hamas' election victory in the Palestinian parliamentary elections. According to the official, dozens of shooting attacks against Gilo were foiled in 2005.

He warned that terror groups are planning to fire mortar shells at Gilo, but said that “as long as we have freedom of action in Bethlehem and good intelligence, these attempts will be thwarted.”

I'm glad that the IDF is so confident. Let's hope that confidence is not misplaced.

The next time you all hear that Israel is considering giving all of the 'Palestinian neighborhoods' in Jerusalem to 'Palestinian control,' keep in mind that such a gift would create many more neighborhoods in Jerusalem that could R"L be under fire like Gilo. Including my own....


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