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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

How to Pressure Hamas

Both the New York Times and the Boston Globe have editorials today regarding how best to pressure Hamas. Considering that both newspapers are under the same ownership, one almost expects the editorials to be identical.

The Times editorial decries any possibility of the US and Israel conspiring to undermine Hamas and bring about new elections, as was raised in an article in that the Times published yesterday. But the Times goes further. While they say that neither Israel nor the US can give "political recognition or financial aid" to a government that is led by a terrorist organization, they also say that,

In the long, sorry history of the Israeli-Palestinian dispute, there is not a shred of evidence to support the notion that pushing the Palestinian population into more economic desperation would somehow cause them to moderate their political views. In fact, experience teaches the exact opposite.

So what does the Times suggest?

A far wiser course for the United States to pursue would be to step back and desist from deliberately provoking the Palestinians, and give Hamas a chance to reconsider its own options.

This continues the delusion that somehow Hamas is going to 'moderate' itself - something it has given no indication of doing. It seems to me that if you really have decided not to give Hamas any financial aid, you are almost inevitably going to push the 'Palestinians' deeper into poverty, unless they come up with alternative sources of funding. But please don't give us the "we're only giving them humanitarian aid" nonsense. Every penny that Hamas receives for any purpose frees up another penny to go for terrorism. Money is fungible.

The Glob is even worse. It advocates continuing to fund the Hamas-led 'Palestinian government.'

Notwithstanding this triumphalist pose, a coercive cutoff of European and American aid would inflict an intolerable humanitarian calamity on Palestinians who are already suffering from the double curse of Israel's harsh occupation [There is no 'occupation' CiJ] and the legacy of misrule by Yasser Arafat and his corrupt cronies. A cessation of aid could also cause the collapse of the Palestinian Authority. The resulting anarchy would only make it harder than ever for Israelis and Palestinians to negotiate a just and lasting peace that ends their conflict. [But the 'Palestinians' have just said that they don't want a just and lasting piece - at least not one that leaves a single Jew living in the Middle East. So why shouldn't they suffer the consequences of their own actions like anyone else in the world does? They knew what they were voting for when they chose Hamas. CiJ].

Funds for humanitarian assistance should continue to reach Palestinians. [Money is fungible. Every penny that goes to the 'Palestinians' for 'humanitarian assistance' frees up another penny for terrorism. But the Glob couldn't care less. After all, terrorism in Israel only hits the Jews. CiJ] The newly elected Palestinian Authority government should be made to account for the funds, assuring donors their money will not pay for violence. [See above. CiJ] The donors should follow the lead of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. In a meeting with Israel's defense minister this week, Mubarak said he has told Hamas leaders they must accept previous agreements struck by the Palestinian Authority, recognize Israel's right to exist, and renounce terrorism. Mubarak said that with persistence and patience, the world can get Hamas to accept these international demands. Mubarak's way is worth a try. [Huh? Have these people seen what Hamas is saying? Why does the Glob and much of the West insist on claiming that Hamas doesn't really mean what it says? Where in their activities has the West ever seen that Hamas did not mean what it said and did not actually intend to do what it said it intended to do? CiJ]



At 11:46 PM, Blogger AS said...

America lists them as a terrorist org. and it's not because they are nice people...cutting off aid is the only way.


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