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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Hamastan Starts Saturday

The Hamas-dominated legislature is scheduled to take office on Saturday, and rections around the world differ. Here in Israel, the government has said that it will not transfer any money to the 'Palestinian Authority' once Hamas is in office. But of course, it will not restrict the transfer of 'humanitarian aid' to the 'Palestinians,' and Israel will continue to supply them with water and electricity - for which they do not pay (they are supposed to pay).

The United States Congress adopted a 'sense of the Congress' resolution last night, which called for not transferring funds to Hamastan. But that's a non-binding resolution.

Meanwhile, Russia has issued an invitation for Hamas leaders to visit Moscow. Turkey followed the Russian lead, and 'exiled' Hamas leader Khaled Mashaal visited Ankara today. Surprisingly, Jordan has also invited the Hamas leadership to visit Amman. I say surprisingly because having been terror victims themselves this past summer, you would think they would know better.

All in all, my feeling is that we will be looking at a gradual - or maybe not so gradual - erosion of the world's unwillingness to deal with Hamas. Unless Israel stands firm, which it will not unless the election turns out very differently from the current polls, it seems that Hamas is going to be granted all the leeway that the PA was granted. And maybe more.


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