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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Palestinians Break Through Border; Kidnap St. Pancake's Parents

Palestinians Break Through Border; Kidnap St. Pancake's Parents

It was a bizzare day in the Gaza Strip today, as Palestinians first hijacked two bulldozers and drove them right through the Gaza-Egyptian border, and then tried to kidnap none other than Craig and Cindy Corrie, the parents of St. Pancake! In the ensuing melee (no car swarm yet), two Egyptian soldiers were killed and 'dozens' were injured.

... [G]unmen from the Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigades commandeered two bulldozers and smashed through a section of the wall on the Gaza-Egypt border to protest the jailing of one of their leaders.

Scores of Palestinians reached Egyptian soil, witnesses said. Most soon returned, including some clutching cheap merchandise. [I guess Mama just wanted to shop. Ed.]
... In a separate incident on Wednesday which further underscored the growing lawlessness in the Gaza Strip, Palestinian gunmen burst into a house in and tried to kidnap the parents of Rachel Corrie, who was killed by an IDF bulldozer in 2003 as she protested the impending demolition of a house in the southern Gaza town, according to their host.

The five gunmen, who also appeared to be affiliated to the ruling Fatah movement, eventually relented after being told who their targets were, according to Samir Nasrallah, in whose house the couple was staying.

Corrie was crushed to death by an IDF bulldozer in 2003 as she tried to stop it from demolishing Nasrallah's house. Her parents, Craig and Cindy, have repeatedly visited Nasrallah since. They left Gaza safely after the incident, Nasrallah said. [The apple doesn't fall far from the tree now does it? Ed.]


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