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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Labor Supports Dividing Jerusalem

For the first time, a 'mainstream' Israeli political party now supports dividing Jerusalem. I suppose this should not be too big a surprise, given that its then-leader Ehud Barak tried to do just that in 2000. But the Labor party has reached bottom and has started digging:

In its new campaign platform, the Labor Party supports giving up Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem in a final deal with the Palestinians, a Labor lawmaker said Friday.

The platform, to be officially presented Sunday, will state that Labor backs a "united Jerusalem consisting of its Jewish neighborhoods," lawmaker Yuli Tamir told The Associated Press.

"This is a statement that we are willing to give up the Muslim neighborhoods of Jerusalem in order to strengthen the Jewish majority."

According to a poll published Thursday, six out of 10 Israeli Jews would be willing to give up Arab neighborhoods in east Jerusalem as part of a final peace deal with the Palestinians, but few would give up the Old City, site of Judaism's holiest shrine, the Western Wall.

Would the last one out please turn out the lights?


At 6:48 PM, Blogger felix said...

Peretz is moronic beyond belief. Even if that is what one thinks, why state so publcly and undermine the elected government's negotiating position? I thought Barak was pathetic, now this from Labor.


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