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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Hebron Children Demonstrate in Jerusalem

The pictures that go with this post must be seen. (Hat Tip: Harvey in Efrat)

Hebron Children Demonstrate in Jerusalem

Yesterday, Israeli police chief Moshe Karadi, speaking on Israel
television, said that he would not rule out using weapons during the
planned expulsion of Hebron families from the Mitzpe Shalhevet

In reaction, a group of over 50 Hebron schoolchildren traveled to
Jerusalem this morning and protested outside the police headquarters
wearing bull's-eye targets saying, "Karadi Shoot Me." Hebron leader Noam
Arnon told journalists, "Karadi said he would shoot us, so we decided to
make his life easier for him - we brought the children here - why should
he have to trouble himself to come to Hebron to shoot them!?"

"Today, the problem is Olmert. Rather than fight terror, he has declared
war on Jews, most particularly those of us living in Judea and Samaria.
One of this first stops is Hebron."

When the children arrived and lined up on the street outside the
headquarters, a security agent appeared opposite them, carrying two
weapons: an Uzi-gun, slung over his shoulder, and a drawn Gluck 9mm pistol
in his hand. A bystander standing at a bus stop told one of the Hebron
participants: "I am here every day. Arab buses and Arab pedestrians use
this road all the time, yet I've never seen a policeman here before. And
this, an agent with his gun drawn.?"

According to media reports, the government plans on implementing the
expulsion next week, following the Arab elections on Wednesday.

More pictures.


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