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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Dumb Jews?

We Jews are our own worst enemy. Here's an example of why. Hat Tip: MigueldowninMexico

Dumb Jews?

Did you hear the one about the Jews who paid a thousand dollars a plate to hear Bill Clinton speak — after he sold Israel down the river (by rewarding genocide bombings with more land)?

Or the one about the Jews who are still loyal to a political party whose members pass out 9/11-Israel conspiracy literature at public forums?

What about the Jews who heard that most Muslims would be voting for John Kerry and so they voted for John Kerry?

Now, did you hear the one about the Jew who dropped his watch in the subway tracks but decided to look for it on the platform because it was easier? His name is Abe Foxman, and he's officially given up on the ADL's mission. For those who didn't read between the lines of Foxman's recent attack on Evangelical Christians, it was a surrender of even the semblance of being relevant in the age of jihad, and a way back to fixating on bogeymen in America.

According to a recent Jewish Week article, Foxman said, "It is time to start naming names and judging the motives of leading conservative Christian groups, and not simply respond to their specific policy initiatives."

In a classic schoolyard scenario, instead of facing up to the bully, Foxman and Eric Yoffie — the Union for Reform (i.e. Liberal) Judaism president who the following week compared Christians to Hitler — are taking their frustrations out on their friends. The Evangelicals — those people whose value system has a lot in common with the Judaic one that these nominal Jews lost touch with generations ago.

Apparently, Jews don't have enough enemies in this world, and the one friend they have is one too many. Or perhaps these two and the Jews who think like they do figure that the world doesn't stand a chance against Islam, so why not help battle the only remaining religion standing in its way of world domination?

It's been called Foxman's "get tough" approach. But I call it his Madonna approach: "Ooh, I'm gonna be edgy. I'm gonna go after the Christians. I'm gonna stand up to people I have no fear of."

Read it all.


At 10:53 AM, Blogger Leah Goodman said...

It was Sinead O'Conner who tore up the Pope's picture on (live) national television, while saying "help fight the real evil."

Talk about stupidity! Wanna protest organized religion. Check out Lennon's "Imagine."

It protests all kinds of stuff without name-calling.


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