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Monday, January 23, 2006

Carter urges PA to use force against violent factions

This one has a surprise and a not-so-surprising part:

Carter urges PA to use force against violent factions

First, the surprise:

... In a question-and-answer session following his speech, Carter noted that the PA's armed forces number 60,000 and urged Palestinians to use every means possible, including "direct military confrontation," against those in their community who advocate violence and "despicable" suicide bombings.

"Over time, I have seen despair and frustration evolve into progress," Carter said. Egypt and the PA had also once called for Israel's destruction, he added, expressing hope that Hamas's election will lead to their "assumption of more moderate policies, which they must do."

And the not-so- surprising part:

Carter also spoke out against West Bank settlements.

"Some Israeli settlers consider their settlements sacrosanct," said Carter. The settlements, he said, are unsustainable in the long term due to the continual expansion of the Palestinian population and the Israeli uncooperativeness that they symbolize. "There is no doubt," he added, "that much of the anti-American sentiment in the Middle East is caused by failure to find a solution to the Palestinian problem." [Which part of "clash of civilizations" does Dhimmi Carter not understand? CiJ]

Carter spoke of acceptance as a major prerequisite for peace: "All in the Arab world must make unmistakably clear through their own actions their acceptance of Israel, and Israel must accept a viable Palestinian state, in which Palestinians can determine their own state, on their own land, with dignity."

He said that the Israeli unilateralism demonstrated in the Gaza withdrawal, and indeed unilateralism in general, works against peace, underlining his point that Palestinians and Israelis must work "side-by-side."

Underscoring the necessity for east Jerusalem and the West Bank to be part of a Palestinian state, Carter said that "Gaza is a nonviable economic and political entity." The creation of a Palestinian state which includes all of these territories is in Israel's interests too, he said, since the expanding Palestinian population will make it more and more difficult for Israel to maintain its current policies. [And how does Dhimmi propose to create 'continuity' between Gaza and Judea and Samaria? A 'one-state solution'? CiJ]


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