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Saturday, January 21, 2006

Assad claims that Israel is responsible for Arafat's death

The problem is that there are people out there who will actually believe this....

Assad claims that Israel is responsible for Arafat's death

Deflecting increasing criticism for his administration's role in the assassination of former Lebaneese prime minister Rafik Hariri, Syrian President Bashar Assad claimed Saturday that Israel was responsible for the death of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yassir Arafat.

"Among the many assassinations that Israel has carried out in a systemic and organized manner, the most dangerous one was the assassination of Arafat," Assad said, addressing a conference of Arab lawyers.

Assad, speaking in Damascus, added that "this was done secretly, under the watching eyes of the world. But no country responded - as if nothing had happened at all."

The president, facing pressure from the United states and Europe, said that he fully supported the formation of an international investigation charged with examining the circumstances surrounding Arafat's death, similar to the committee currently charged with investigating Hariri's assassination. [What would he do when the 'committee' concluded that Arafat died of AIDS? Suppress the results like his Egyptian brothers did when an American investigation concluded that the co-pilot of an EgyptAir flight committed suicide and took a whole 767 with him? CiJ]

Meanwhile, Assad also referred to the Hariri investigation more directly, implying that he would not accept the UN's request to interview him about his or his senior officials' alleged involvement in the massive bombing that killed the Lebanese politician.

"The issue of national sovereignty is more important than security council decisions," he said.

How much longer will the 'civilized nations of the world' continue to pander to the evil Dentist of Damascus?


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